1. Programming a max patch and my eyes are closing tbh

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    Crumar DS-2 Digital Synthesizer
    Far from being digital actually, this rare Italian synth just saw service from our techs and is about to hit the site and sales floor.


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    Just a couple of classic analog polysynths hanging out together. The Akai AX-60 was their response to the success of the Roland Juno series.

    Shop online with us:
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    The actual shockwave of dying star - just false color and a 4 year time lapse.

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  12. 2 covers and 1 single. Enjoy #tydra #electronic #music #pop #dreamy #amateurs


  13. First single, please be kind


  14. Just something reflective, I think

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    Lights at Big Red Fest (6/28/2014)

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