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  3. "There was something in my bones that told me to love you."
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    studio set-up… 1989 Gherkin Jerks/HouseFactors/Blakk Society/Gallifre’/Amnesia

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    It’s time to rock out to some tennis data jams. Join IBM and musician James Murphy during the US Open as we turn real-time tennis match data into music. (How cool is that?) Tune in →

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  11. Programming a max patch and my eyes are closing tbh

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    Crumar DS-2 Digital Synthesizer
    Far from being digital actually, this rare Italian synth just saw service from our techs and is about to hit the site and sales floor.


    #crumar #synthesizer #synth #switchedon #vintagesynthesizer

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    Just a couple of classic analog polysynths hanging out together. The Akai AX-60 was their response to the success of the Roland Juno series.

    Shop online with us:
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